MBVO Officials Training Camp & Rating Session
Sunday, March 17 in Grand Rapids

Purpose: To provide officials with on-court officiating opportunities in a low-pressure atmosphere that allows for feedback and constructive criticism. Participants should be challenged to learn and develop new officiating skills and a better appreciation of the intricacies of volleyball officiating.  This is the first year that MBVO has offered this officials' training camps.

By design, we strive to appeal to officials of all skill levels and feel that this camp experience will provide each camper with;

  • An evaluation without the intensity of a rating session

  • Feedback from a seasoned evaluator

  • An atmosphere conducive to learning and fun


This year’s camp will be held on Sunday, March 17 in Grand Rapids in conjunction with a 2 day club tournament.  The cost of the camp is $125. As this is a 2 day club tournament, any official wishing to attend the camp would have the opportunity to work the tournament on Saturday.  They would be able to work matches on Saturday at $25 per match. Additionally there might be matches on Sunday that the official would not be evaluated on and possibly earn additional money.

Our intent is to have each camper work 4 matches with a partner on Sunday (2 as R1 and 2 as R2).  Those officials would then be rated on 2 matches. This format allows for an official to work a number of matches to work out some of the kinks in their officiating in a relaxed atmosphere, then get rated.  If an official were to work both days, they could accomplish their required rating and make an additional $75-$125. This is a great new opportunity for MBVO member officials.

Registration: Registration deadline and payment is due February 20, 2019.  

Contact Henry or David if you are interested.